Pos Laju Muar


Pos Laju Muar is located at No. 217, Jalan Meriam, 84000 Muar, Johor.

For more information or any assistance, contact Pos Laju Muar at:
+606 953 3135
+606 953 3134

Posting Hour:
Sunday – Thursday: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
First Saturday: Closed
Window Collection Hour:
Sunday – Thursday: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
First Saturday: Closed

About Pos Laju:
Pos Laju is the leading courier company in Malaysia,
connecting over 80% of populated areas across the country with its Next Day Delivery and other services. Pos Laju has the widest network coverage and the largest courier fleet in Malaysia.

Pos Laju’s suite of products and services are available at more than 1,000 outlets comprising of 704 Pos Malaysia outlets,
264 Pos Mini outlets, 68 Pos Laju branches, 151 authorised agents, 24 Pos-On-Wheels, 6 Pos Laju kiosks, 13 Pos Laju service centres and 4 Pos Laju Go2U mobile units.

With the widest delivery network coverage that reaches practically every geographic area in Malaysia, as well as its presence in over 1,000 strategic locations across the country, Pos Laju provides better convenience and accessibility to connect all of Malaysia and beyond.

Pos Laju has also appointed over 100 authorised agents which enables customers to get access to Pos Laju’s services at IKOBANA (44 outlets), Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) (50 outlets), MPH Bookstore (15 outlets), PROTON Edar branches and dealers (21 outlets) and individual agents (66 outlets). This not only extends the coverage of courier service to areas where Pos Laju outlets are inaccessible, but also enables customers to reach these services beyond normal working hours and during weekends.


  1. ERC266127740MY
    please post my item to my house cause i can not go to muar branch to collect my package. i am staying 24 hours at home each day to wait for the post.

  2. I post items to my friend on 26 oct 2020, and arrived at postlaju muar facilities on 28 oct 2020 but stuck there till now 5 nov 2020. Kindly do the job as soon as possible. I know MCO, even pkpb in Selangor can take 2 days to johor, why need 8 days and maybe more from postlaju muar to her house (in muar area) ?!

  3. PL379326709976

    barang aku bila nk hantar woii… korang ni nk buat pekasam ke barang aku… berapa lama kau nak panding kt muar… bodoh betul la…

  4. RY048599739MY

    Saya DUDUK DI RUMAH ,hari-hari 24jam , tapi ternampak tinggal mesaj suruh saya mengambil parcel sendiri dekat office pos laju.Kenapa tidak tekan doll bell???
    Saya tak dapat keluar dalam masa ini, Sila pihak anda hantar surat daftar pada saya. Sekian.

  5. EHE040399759MY
    traking kata barang dah dihantar 2 kali tapi takde orang ambil. ye ke. saya duduk rumah 24jam kot. Apa guna no talipon kat parcel kalau tak boleh call. kalau takde orang, call la dulu. talipon no yang ada pun tiada didalam perkhidmatan 069533134,069533135

  6. PL232418689921

    The shopee delivery status had shown item dispatched out dated on 19/8/2021, but today already 21/8/2021 still yet to receive.

  7. bad service pos laju sekarang so bad 2 kali barang salah hantar ke rmh lain dan untuk kedua kalinya jugak saya maafkn but u still buat x endah dan berulang kembali.. tolongla pihak pos laju amik tindakan dlm hal ni lebih bertanggungjawab keatas barang customer!!


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