ABX Express Inanam


ABX Express Inanam is located at Warehouse No.1, Jalan Kolombong, Kg. Nountun, 88450 Inanam, Sabah. For more information contact 088-436 222.

Branch Code: INANAM (BKI)

About ABX Express
ABX’s principal activity is that of providing express delivery services for time sensitive items between locations.

ABX provides door-to-door and express delivery of documents and parcels within Malaysia and to more than 200 countries worldwide.

UTS provides door-to-door economic overnight inland transportation services with a network of more than 10 service centers within Sabah.


  1. Kamu punya org ada yg kurang ajar smaa beliau saya. X ada tindakan ka diambil org mcm ni?
    Tolong email saya ,spya ada boleh sent nombor org tu Dan chat Dia dngan beliau saya.


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